Original papers

  1. "Mechanical analysis of gold nanocontacts during stretching using an in-situ transmission electron microscope equipped with a force sensorTransmission electron diffraction study of a uniaxially-ordered high-mobility polymeric semiconductor",
    K. Ishizuka, M. TOMITORI, T. Arai, Y. Oshima,
    Appl. Phys. Express 13, 025001 (2020) (4 pages).
  2. "Atomic scale mechanics explored by in situ transmission electron microscopy with a quartz length-extension resonator as a force sensor",
    J. Zhang, K. Ishizuka, M. Tomitori, T. Arai and Y. Oshima,
    Nanotechnology   in accept (2020).


Invited talk

  1. "Nano / atomic scale world observed by transmission electron microscope",
    Yoshifumi Oshima,
    International Intercollegiate Workshop on Advanced Chemical Science and Engineering 2020,
    National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST), Taiwan
    February 24th and 25th.


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