9th, March, 2019 ~12th, March

Tokyo Institute of Technology








“Electro-plating and stripping of lead dendrites observed by operando scanning electron microscopy with an electrochemical cell” HE, Gada (9a-S223-2)
「TEM-周波数変調法を用いたAuナノワイヤのヤング率方位依存性の測定」KOBORI, Yuki (9a-M112-7)
「サブ10nmスケールにおける金ナノ接点の定量的弾性評価」ISHIZUKA, Keisuke (9a-M112-8)
“Mechanical properties of Pt nano-contacts measured by TEM combined with a frequency-modulation force sensing system” ZHANG, Jiaqi (9p-PA5-3)
「グラフェンナノリボンよりカーボンアトミックチェンへの形成メカニズム」ZHANG, Xiaobin (9p-W521-16)
“Dislocation-Driven Growth of CuO Nanowires” XIE, Lilin (10p-PA4-5)
「STEMモアレフリンジ法によるInP/InGaAs界面歪み分布計測」CHEN, Tongmin (10p-S423-4)
“The Fabrication of Suspended Graphene Nanoribbon for In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observation” LIU, Chunmeng (10p-PA8-38)
“Operando SEM observation of corrosion process of Al foil” CHEN, Xin (10p-PA5-11)
“Determination of intercalated Fe atomic arrangement in TiS2 layers using transmission electron diffraction” CHIEW, Yi Ling (11p-W521-18)
「TEM-STMホルダーを用いたシリコンナノワイヤの作製」KURODA, Yuki (12a-PB3-8)


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Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Oshima Labratory

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