Professor Yoshifumi OSHIMA


M1-61 room, 0761-51-1500,

email: oshima [] , google scholar

Assistant Professor Kohei ASO


M1-65 room, 0761-51-1502,

email: aso  []  google scholar

Researcher  Dr. CHEN, Tongmin (陳 桐民)


Master thesis: Local strain measurement of InP/InGaAs/InP interface by STEM moire fringe

Doctoral thesis : Development of TEM holder with double-tilt function and observation of nanoindentation of thin-filmed silicon

D1 LIU, Jiaming (刘佳明)

Master's Thesis: Measurement of Critical Shear Stress in Gold Nanocontacts by TEM Method Incorporating Quartz Resonator

D1 XU, Yuanzhe (徐圆喆)

 Master's Thesis: TEM Observation of Kanazawa Gold Leaf

D1 XIONG, Wei (熊伟)

D1 (CSC scholarship) CHEN, Limi (陳 麗米)

「under consideration」

D1  LIU, Xiaopeng (刘晓鹏)

「under consideration」

M2  OGAWA, Akihide

「under consideration」

M2   LIN, Fan (林 凡)

「under consideration」

M2  Raihana Toma

「under consideration」

M1 CONG, Cong

「under consideration」


「under consideration」


「under consideration」



北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 先端科学技術研究科 先端科学技術専攻 大島研究室

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Oshima Labratory

〒923-1292 石川県能美市旭台1-1M1棟 61号室

Room 61, M1 building, 1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292 Japan

Tel:(0761) 51 1500