Two international students joined our laboratory.
CHEN, Xueting-san     (Xi'an University of Technology, 1st year master's course)
                                       Short-term study abroad (September 1 to November 29)
YANG, Tingting-san     as a research student

The graduation ceremony was held on March 22 and all master students  graduated.




Joining The 66th JSAP Spring meeting

Some students joined the JSAP spring meeting, which was held in Tokyo Institute of Technology from 9th to 12th, March.


International Workshop of Ultra-High-Resolution on Microscopy 2019

On 22-23 February, an international symposium was held at Hitachi Foundation Center.

Joining The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science

Some students joined JVSS, which was held in Kobe from 19th to 21st, November.

Joining AsiaNANO2018


Chiew-san, Liu-san and Zhang-san joined AsiaNANO2018, which was held in Qingdao from 18th to 21th, October.

Going to Kurobe gorge


We went to trip with Lab member from 13th to 14th, Octorber.

Joining IMC19


Ishizuka-san and Okubo-san joined IMC19, which was held in Sydny from 9th to 14th, September.

2018. 7.27   Farewell party of Lei-sensei


The pLei-sensei-party.jpgarty was held at Kanazawa on 27th July.

We thanked Lei for his encouragement. We hope we will meet together again.


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